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Southern Sugar Bakery

Angie Tucker and Christin Snyder are the creators and owners of Southern Sugar Bakery. Both graduates of Meredith College (Angie ’02 and Christin ’10) and both former high school counselors, Christin began her cookie decorating journey in 2010, and Angie joined the fun in 2012! After becoming a licensed home-based bakery in North Carolina, Angie and Christin worked after school in Angie’s kitchen in Raleigh baking and creating custom cookies. In a three-year span, they saw their little cookie business become more than just a hobby, and balancing their full time counseling jobs and Southern Sugar Bakery became impossible to manage. After much prayer and consideration, they decided to quit their school counseling jobs in the summer of 2015, and began operating Southern Sugar Bakery as a full-time venture in a new commercial kitchen space. What began as a part-time hobby with just Angie and Christin has now become a bustling business with an amazing team!

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