April Musings from Mama Squirrel

“Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping down the bunny trail, Hippity Hoppity Easters On Its Way!”

I loved all the Easter songs we use to sing. Where did they go? Does it seem like Easter has fallen by the wayside? Where are all the commercials for Easter outfits, brunch with the bunny, bonnet decorating contest or free rabbits?

I just love my memories of Easter as a child. The local churches would host Egg Hunts, some would even have prize eggs, with money in them!, not just jellybeans. I loved bringing my empty basket and standing by the other children waiting for the pastor to say ‘Hop To It”. Easter meant a new dress and new shoes - not a regular dress or regular shoes, but Easter ones, which meant the first time they could be worn was on Easter day. I remember looking at that outfit hanging in my closet, moving it to the door knob so I could see it from my bed, and being so excited about getting to wear it. My dress was usually a pretty pastel color, my mom, The Nanny Squirrel, would prefer me in light blue, while I distinctly remember liking soft pink or mint green. Whatever we purchased it most likely had no sleeves and Inevitably it would be colder than expected on Easter morning and I would need a little white sweater, to cover my bare arms. I always hoped you could still get a good view of my beautiful dress under that sweater. My new shoes were always white patten leather, soon to be covered in black scuff marks from something or another. I wasn’t much of a hat wearer so I could leave that off, but a matching white purse was certainly a treat. I liked the white wicker ones with a few little flowers and a latch. Church was always seemed a bit livelier, the singing a bit louder and the feeling a bit warmer on Easter Sunday. I could just tell it was special. We generally went out to eat after church, which was a treat, and it was like watching a fashion parade! A fond memory indeed.

Since Easter was special for me, I wanted it to be that way for Squirrel Girl and her brother. They would dye and decorate boatloads of eggs, using those little metal dippers and cardboard drying racks. Neither of them were big egg eaters so their father ate a lot of egg salad sandwiches for next few weeks. They visited the bunny at the mall for photos and helped me stuff eggs for the neighborhood hunt. They always wore a casual matching outfit for that egg hunt, then a very special coordinating outfit for Easter Sunday. My favorite were the navy nautical themed ones! Of course they would wake up to Easter baskets by their bedsides filled with a giant hollow chocolate bunny, a new book about the stone being rolled away, a toothbrush, and other little fun trinkets.

As they grew, Easter seemed to be the perfect week for a beach vacation. But even still, eggs were dyed, outfits packed, baskets bestowed and church attended. To this day those things continue including getting Easter baskets - although now their goodies might be delivered in a gift bag, cooler, beach tote or even a UPS box! Easter just never gets old. Recently I changed up a tradition, now rather than eating out, we eat at home. For those of you who know me, I am sure you are thinking - she’s cooking?! - on purpose?! - and not for like, 40 people?! Yes, I actually enjoy cooking for just my family on the rare occasion! Like I said, Easter needs more attention and should get special treatment, just like Christmas. After all it is THE celebration of hope. So bring Easter back, get something pretty to wear, dye eggs, host an egg hunt, make a basket for a friend, attend a church service, make a delicious meal for your family and celebrate! Remember, He Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter yall !

The Local Squirrel finds for making Easter extra special!

1. Southern Socks for His or Her Easter Basket

2. Charleston Shoes for your Easter Outfit (and they are on sale!)

3. Blue and White Ceramic Platter or Wooden Pig Cutting Board for serving your Easter Ham

4. Let the creative staff compose an entire custom Easter “basket” just for you!

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