February Musings from Mama Squirrel

Isn’t it nice that in the midst of winter we have a “heart warming” holiday like Valentines Day! A day set aside to specifically address the love we have for others. Of course these days, Valentines celebrations can be just about anytime during the month. That’s great news for spreading the love!

As a little girl in elementary school, I remember we would take a whole week to prepare for what would be a fun filled day of school. First, right when February began, you had to bring in a shoe box. Then everyday, for about 30 minutes, my teacher would pull out construction paper, tin foil, ric-rac scraps, doilies, and GLITTER! We would carefully cut a slot in the lid of said shoe box and then painstakingly work to decorate what would become our “Valentine Mailbox.” This box would sit on our desk for the V-Day Party for classmates to “mail” their Valentines to one another.

At home, we would anxiously await the day we got to go to K-Mart or Eckerd

Drugstore to pick out the Valentines we would sign our name to and mail to our classmates. Every once in a while, I would pull out the craft supplies at home and make my own! Moms would volunteer to provide homemade treats for our party, girls would spend recess cutting out paper hearts to tape to the classroom windows and finally the big day would arrive. Very little school work was done that day and during our party there would be lots of time to take each card out and read it carefully. These cards were always made up of some cheesy saying or

funny joke, but delightful none the less. Everyone got Valentines from everyone, no one was left out. I always left school with my mailbox tucked under my arm to go home and pull them all out again and look them over one more time. Truly preparing for the day or reflecting on my little cards after the fact was just as much fun as the day itself! Isn’t that how Valentines Day should be? A day, or several days, where we take a little time to let the people in our lives know how much they mean to us.

As wife to the Daddy Squirrel, mom to Squirrel Girl and her brother, mama in law to “Squatch”, daughter to Papa and Nanny and friend to others, I hope I demonstrate love to them through out the year. I will however take a few minutes during Valentine’s week to call, text, write, make, or gift a little “I love you!” You can never have too many or be too early or late with I Love You’s or Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Local Squirrel “Love Reminders” for folks in your life!

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