January Musings From Momma Squirrel

Happy New Year y’all! Don’t you just love the hope and anticipation of what a new year can bring? I’ve never been one to make a bunch of New Years resolutions but I do love the feel of a “clean slate”, when the old is gone and the new is around the corner. Rather like the start of school, and all the fun of getting prepared for an academic year, the new year makes me want to set a new course, declutter, rearrange, and make new plans.

I’ve heard people say they are choosing a word or theme for the new year rather than a list of “to dos” or “to don’ts”. I like that. Filtering my new course, rearranging, organizing and plans through that one word seems like a plan.

Where to begin. After the holiday decor has been put away, the house feels empty and somehow more manageable for organizing. I’ll start there - and small - and tackle my shoes, discarding those who have served me well or those that proved unworthy to live in my limited space, making room for hopefully better choices. Then I move on to the pantry, tossing expired items or things that are bound to be stale since hurriedly put back on a shelf. The linen closet and tea towels are next- deciding to be ruthless with those stained ones no matter how cute they are. Ahh, a little breathing room. All these are easy enough to make me feel successful and motivate me to consider things like the attic - just kidding, that would require a special prize, probably involving jewelry and possibly a vacation to even be considered!

After a bit of organizing, and hoping this new found space stays clean and tidy, I move on to rearranging. My butlers pantry is a wreck after all that holiday entertaining. I enjoy getting it all back in order, listing the things I found I needed after the fact- like nice soup ladles for serving chili at the Tree Trimming party, punch ladles can work in a pinch but there has to be a better way!

Finally, my most favorite part of the “New Year, New You” is before me, planning! On a cold January day, settled on the sofa wrapped in a blanket, hot tea steeping beside me and pen and paper in hand, I begin. I love to divide it all up - the Garden, oh let’s save that one for February planning, Trips- oh that’s a good one! Nothing better than looking at Caribbean resorts by a fire! Planning, dreaming, visioning for the new year. Who knows if it will actually come to be, but it keeps hope and anticipation alive and isn’t that a good way to enter a new year,? Hopeful! And there you have it, the word or theme I will filter my year through- hope. Here’s hoping your new year is filled with blessings beyond measure!

Hope Inspiring finds from The Local Squirrel

1. Zestt Throw ~ for “sofa dreaming” eyes open or closed

2. “The Nesting Place” by Myquillyn Smith ~ inspiration and hope for getting your house in order

3. Yoshi Jewelry: my favorite is the pig bangle (and by the way it is The Year of the Pig) ~ an excellent motivator for tackling the attic!

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