March Musings from Mama Squirrel

Thank the Good Lord!!! Seriously, I am so grateful that March has arrived and spring has finally sprung! I am in desperate need of a break from cold temperatures, bleak days and rain. I am ready for sunshine, longer days and flowers!

When we purchased our home, Sheep’s Rest, it was lovingly landscaped with a beautiful garden that is quite nice year round, but spring is when she really shines. Miss Matilda, the previous owner and masterful caretaker, sweetly planted daffodils, camellias, hellebores, cherries, weigela, azaleas, dogwoods, redbuds, ajuga, periwinkle and tulip trees that all bloom gloriously at the beginning of spring. Those first blooms brighten my days and force me out, even on still nippy mornings, to investigate each days new offerings. The birds are singing, the boxwood tips turn bright green, the fountain bubbles again and suddenly my very soul awakens!

One of my favorite things to do is to bring that outdoor splendor inside. I am always looking for an unexpected container I can use as a vase. Or use the tiniest of blooms and arrange them as though they were a full blown centerpiece but in a teeny tiny holder. There is no right or wrong, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder where flowers are concerned. I mean just plain old curly willow sticks or ever green magnolia leaves are beautiful to me, and especially in a novel vessel. I challenge you to dig through your cabinets and see what you can find to present your springtime offerings in... a pitcher, a mason jar, salt cellar, glass milk bottle, ice bucket or vintage stemware can all make for interesting vases. You can also use a jar inside a container that isn’t watertight like a basket, a breadbox, or even a tote bag! Now, place that pretty little arrangement by your kitchen sink, on your nightstand or bathroom vanity. Look at it, and praise the Lord that spring is here!

Isn’t it fun to know the “meaning” behind flowers? Here are a few. Check out http:// for more!

Daffodils - Creativity and Inspiration

Camellias - Desire and Passion

Azaleas - Remembrance of home

Periwinkle - Blossoming friendship

The Local Squirrel finds for bringing your blooms inside!

1. White Creamware ceramic pitchers - small and large sizes

2. Green and White or Blue and White Chinoiserie Planter - flowers on the kitchen table now, annuals on the patio table later

3. Set of cobalt blue vintage style tumblers - perfect for small flower clusters by all your sinks or a springtime cocktail party!

4. Paper Vase - yes, it is made of paper, you can leave it black and white or color it the slide it right over your own jar or wine bottle!

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