May Musings from Momma Squirrel

I cleaned my overly pollinated porches for what I hope to be the last time this season so I could finally sit outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and low and behold, it is now 90 degrees outside! What happened to the sunny and 75 days? I went straight from sneezing to sweating - oh, I mean GLOWING. Oh well, such is life in the south. What’s a girl to do to cool down?

Well of course you can just sit inside and enjoy the AC, but since I like a cozy looking house, sometimes that can translate to feeling warm and closed in rather than cool and serene. Pulling out light colored pillows, tea towels and filling vases with roses from the garden certainly do lighten and brighten things, making for a cooler vibe. I have a friend who changes her linens for summer, switching out a pastel quilt and eyelet dust ruffle for her down comforter filled duvet. I have another friend who changes out her dish ware. She has the prettiest summer dessert plates that make a simple fresh fruit salad topped with a drizzle of poppy seed dressing invigorating!

I also like to cool down by keeping a special “spa” water on hand in the fridge. It doesn’t take much effort to slice up some cucumber and lime, even add a little mint from my herb basket, which by the way hangs from my now twice cleaned lovely side porch, and throw them all in a vintage glass pitcher filled with water and ice. It makes for a refreshing cool down after spending time snipping those roses for inside. You can use lots of combos too, Squirrel Girl is on a strawberry and cucumber kick right now, but strawberry and basil or grapefruit and orange are tasty too. I imagine it wouldn’t take too much work to add a little agave and gin and turn that sucker into a delightful cocktail!

We are also quite fortunate to have a tiny little dipping pool out back that I enjoy dangling my feet in or actually wading around in - like my mother, the Nanny Squirrel, I don’t much care to get my hair wet - so this serves as an easy cool down spot. I grab my “cool” shades, a book, magazine or one of the millions of catalogs I have never requested but am bombarded with, and enjoy the brisk water for a blissful bit of time. I think I could accomplish this same feel with a nice cool bath, if I had a bathtub..., lit with a summer scented candle and that vase of roses moved tub side!

Finally, if I am out and about and the heat has wilted my “get up and go”, I look for the nearest lady’s lounge, that’s fancy talk for the girls bathroom, and wash my hands in the coldest water possible. I just keep them under there until they are icy cold, then I wet a paper towel with that same ice cold water and rub it on the back of my neck. Ahhh..... Now all that’s left to do is apply my favorite lotion to my icy hands and voila! All is well. Stay cool y'all, unless of course you are trying to GLOW (shameless, I know!)

The Local Squirrel finds for keeping cool

1. Bring the outdoors into the AC with a Botanical Tea Towel from Lizzy Powers

2. Super cool Gun Metal Cocktail Shaker for spiked “spa” water or other cooling libations

3. Stay cool poolside with DIFF Stella sunglasses in Himalayan Tortoise+Taupe reading The Ministry of Ordinary Places by Shanna Martin - refreshing and inspiring!

4. Stay cool tub side with Harper and Ari Juice Cleanse Sugar Scrub Cubes and Candle

5. “Ladies Lounge” cool down with Barr Original Hand Cream - purse size! and truly my favorite!

6. Now If you love to feel the heat - stop by GLOW raleigh for super “cool” work out wear and what I like to call “Saturday clothes”!

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