Musings From Momma Squirrel Pt. 2

Is it spring yet? Even with the dusting of yellow pollen on absolutely everything, including my dog Kip, and the migration of ants and ladybugs into my living room, I am ready for the hope and life that spring breathes into me. Don’t get me wrong, Squirrel Girl and I love “sweater weather”, but we are ready for a fresh view, even a dusty yellow one.

On, it says the Raleigh area is pretty safe for spring planting without worry of frost after April 9, so I a headed to Logan’s garden shop to get inspired. During the cold sweater weather days, I live on Pinterest or revisit my coffee table books, making lists of plants in my garden journal that I want to investigate or ornamentation I want to add. I’m a sucker for concrete garden decor. When the weather warms, I walk around my neighborhood and snap photos of things others are doing in their garden for additional reference.

Notice I said garden? I grew up thinking that a garden was a specific plot of land for vegetables or flowers, but a British friend of mine says your whole “yard” should be considered your garden and you have different garden spaces or rooms for different purposes. I like that, so I am officially claiming I have GARDEN, not a yard.

Last year, I focused on my “kitchen garden” - the side of the house where the kitchen windows claim the view. This year, I want to focus on the the other side of the house - which in all honesty, I’m gonna be hard pressed to call a garden. It’s more of a service yard, where the trash cans, air conditioner units, pool equipment and wheelbarrow reside. It does not have a meandering stone walkway with a low stacked wall or cutting flowers peeking from beneath fragrant shrubs. There is no brightly painted bench to give you and a sweet little concrete rabbit a spot to sit as you watch the bluebird house for activity. No quirky bird feeder or gently swaying wind chime singing. Hey, that sounds like a pretty little spot in the yard…like a little garden! See, there is hope and life in spring when even the garbage cans can be looked at through fresh eyes. Welcome spring at last!

Check out The Local Squirrel for these spring finds:

1. Chambray fringed garden apron.

2. Blue and green pottery vases for bringing outdoor clippings inside.

3. Greenwich Bay (made in Raleigh!) Gardner”s Soap and Lotion for quick clean up at the kitchen sink.

4. Rifle Journal to fill with all your garden ideas!

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