Musings From Momma Squirrel Pt. 3

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Tis' the season! Wedding season that is! I have reached the age where all of the Squirrel Girl and her brother's friends are getting married and June weekends are filled to the brim with wedding festivities. June is the most popular wedding month after all, especially in the south, and the term June Bride actually has a story behind it. Apparently back in the day, you took your annual - yes, you heard me right, annual, bath in June, after the weather and water had warmed from winter. Brides decided since they and their guest were at their "freshest" it was a good time of the year to hold a marriage ceremony! Can you imagine? No wonder sweetly scented bouquets became a thing.

After just spending a year planning and prepping for Squirrel Girl's special day, I can assure you being well presented was at the top of the list! Although not a June Bride, she actually picked her wedding date based on her pregnant photographer's due date, we pampered ourselves with spa treatments, had practice sessions for hair styles and makeup, shopped for special outfits with coordinating accessories and even tested out eyelash extensions!

It was fun to focus on the frivolous parts of such a significant day, and we made those into lasting memories, but it was so touching to have friends and family to share in the deepest celebration of an upcoming life changing event. We had a particular set of friends, that insisted we get together monthly for a dinner to vent over the stressful planning, ooo and ahhh over the details, and ask thought provoking questions about what this future marriage would look like. As I celebrate weddings with others and see it as a transition in their life's journey, I hope to make it more than just a single day. Whether it is cards of encouragement sent throughout the engagement, a text to send a photo idea, a phone call to laugh over some mishap, a token that screams, "You're A Bride!" or dinner out to ponder a changing life role, I want to be available for the whole season, celebrating in many ways, regardless of the month!

Check out The Local Squirrel to help you celebrate the wedding season with someone special!

1. Local maker, Heatherly earrings to wear to an upcoming shower

2. Rifle Paper Co. cards for notes of encouragement during the planning to the Mother of the Bride!

3. Harper & Ari Sugar Scrubs for "regular" pampering bridal baths

4. Slant's "Bride Fuel" tumbler to scream "She's a Bride!"

On a side note, don't forget the groom! It's his celebration too and Rustico has some great leather goods for him and team groom!

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