Musings From Momma Squirrel Pt. 5

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

When I think about September, I think about football, high school football that is! Having been a cheerleading coach for about a 100 years, my September Friday nights were spent on the sidelines of a local Raleigh high school field- Go Knights! Such a commitment has an impact on ones life. Over the years, I developed a shoppers eye for blue and gold, which filled both my clothes closet and dish pantry - still a hard habit to break! My internal weather radar knows Friday nights in September will be humid and hot with the constant threat of thunderstorms, but oh to get an exceptional evening with a cool breeze and cloudless sky, where you need a light sweater or even a hot chocolate, feels like football season but alas is highly unlikely.

At our school, the cheerleaders, who were true athletes, not just pom pom girls, practiced hard to demonstrate skills to impress and wow the crowd. Sky high basket tosses, cool pyramids with amazing displays of body flexibility and strength always rallied the fans. They organized fun tailgate parties, planned theme game nights for our student body, made coordinating posters and tossed out hand selected spirit items for each touchdown - I told ya’ll before, I love a good theme party - Oh those treasured memories of “Friday Night Lights”!

Because I was consumed with high school football, and because I went to Meredith College - sorry, no football, as did Squirrel Girl, such a legacy, - sidetone -her brother went to Sewanee - which totally warranted the nine hour drive for Homecoming weekend and a new purple dress - but I was just never that into college football. I had no connection, no memories, no energy. I so wish I was a college fan though, because tailgating recipes have gotten way cooler, there is some very swanky game day jewelry out there, I certainly could use a whole new color wave in my wardrobe, as well as one of those awesome car flags! Maybe I’ll just pick a team and join the bandwagon and “fake it till I make it” or maybe I’ll just pull out one of those high school yearbooks, put on my favorite worn out navy blue Knights t-shirt, eat a football shaped Krispy Kreme donut and reminisce about the glory days!

Local Squirrel Game Day Finds

1. NC Handcrafted Jewelry in team colors - my favorite… Allison Conway tassels in navy

2. Pompom Stadium Throw from Creative Co-op to ward off the unexpected chill

3. DIFF sunglasses for midday games - they are a “give back” company too!

4. Packed Party Gold Confetti Clear Stadium Tote - “it’s the law”

5. Team Riggins Baseball Hat - in the true spirit of Friday Night Lights

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