Musings from Momma Squirrel Pt. 6

It is finally here…my most favorite month of the whole year! I just love October. Shall I tell you why? For starters, it’s the colors. Golds, reds, oranges, yellows all mixed with shades of green are just so pretty in nature. How did God think of that? They cause me to get my eyes off myself and look around this beautiful world. Those beautiful colors also energize me for some reason, which is good, because I have to be quick on my feet to dodge all the falling acorns around my home. Those things sound like grenades landing on my metal patio furniture! Then you have your pumpkins. Oh my goodness, we use to just pick a regular old orange one and the only choice to be made was what shape, size, and bumpiness you wanted. Now though, they come in cream, peach, and aqua. I have even seen a black one! The changing of the weather is also welcome. Finally you get the occasional day where you can legitimize wearing the sweaters you have been dying to pull out of the closet. Oh, and October is Squirrel Girl’s brother’s birthday month! (Say that fast three times.) Happy Birthday Nic!

But truly my most favorite thing about October is the North Carolina State Fair. We moved to Raleigh when I was eight years old and my new (and still) best friend took me with her for my first trip there. We rode rickety rides, got our names engraved on cheap shiny jewelry, played Pick Up The Ducks for a goldfish prize, ate sausage biscuits at a church concession stand, tried fried dough for the first time, had our birthday month guessed, watched a concert, milked cows, petted baby chicks, looked at prize winning goods, and watched fireworks with wide eyed wonder. It was magical. The noise, the smells, the colored lights at night; it was like nothing I had ever experienced. I fell in love with all things NC at that moment and have attended every year since!

Over the years, the fair experience has changed a bit for me. Now I eat my weight in roasted corn, forgo the engraved necklace, never even get near a ride or game, but still need to see the farm animals and all those prize winning goods. My sweet husband, who does not see the need to visit the fair every year, patiently goes with me, letting me wander through the Village of Yesteryear for the hundredth time and graciously provides for my every food whim. Have your tried the Krispy Kreme Burger yet? That thing alone will keep me coming back.

Whatever October is a favorite for you or whether it is just another month, take some time to enjoy God’s beautiful creation through the changing of the leaves, the variety of pumpkin colors and shapes, and acorns on the ground being snatched up by “local squirrels”. Pull out that lightweight sweater and feel revived as you welcome Fall. Better yet, wear it to the State Fair and milk a cow!

Local Squirrel Fall Finds

1. Acorn Candle Sticks - put a pumpkin on top rather than a candle!

2. Pony Hair Earrings from Designed For Joy - perfect fall accessory

3. Kosi Handmade Tray - for a tabletop display of cinnamon pinecones

4. Bow and Roe Belt Bag - hands free eating at the State Fair

5. Scarf Hair Tie from Head Bands Of Hope - Fall accent piece whatever the weather!

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