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100 hours of burn time is plenty of time for you to fall in love! These candles are one of our top sellers. We are constantly looking at Simpatico's new scents with each season. 

Honeysuckle: A heady floral mimicking its namesake with warm, sweet honey & herbaceous flowers.

Cactus:This lively and clean scent is made from a watery infusion of crisp aloe, bright clover and a smooth sandalwood base.

Eucalyptus: Clean and herbal notes of eucalyptus and peppermint.

Grapefruit Mint: Crisp, smooth and sweet pink grapefruit sits harmoniously with cool, fresh mint and soothing lavender in this intoxicating and uplifting blend of fragrances.

Meyer Lemon: This crisp, soothing citrus fragrance will invigorate the senses.

Watermelon Basil:Perfectly balanced basil, melon and cucumber notes blend to create this summery scent.

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